Promotions on annual pots, whole flats, hanging baskets, roses and more…

$25 for 10 -4inch annual pot

$14.95 for a whole flat which contains 12 of the four cell packs  ($1.35)

10’ hanging baskets – $18.95 for one, or 2 for $35

12’ mixed hanging baskets –one for  $24.95, or 2 for $45

Roses $15.95 each, or 2 for $30

Top soil – $2.49 per bag, or 5 bags for $12

Regular Everyday Low Prices

Any 4’ pot is 2.95

4 cell pack is a $1.35

Any 6 cell pack $1.95

Perennials if not priced, are 9.95 (gallon pot)


4’ are 3.95

6’ are 9.95

If not this standard size it will be priced accordingly.

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