A Winters Rest: Prepping your garden...


The cool temperatures have arrived and frost is on its way. After a hot and humid summer, my grass has finally turned green again and this usually means that it is time to prepare my garden for its winter hibernation. Preparing your garden for winter is more than just a clean-up, it’s about protecting those […]

Taking Care of your Fall Mums


It’s September! The temperatures are dropping, the kids have made their way back into the classroom and my annuals are slowly fading away. But take heart my gardening friends, fall has brought in garden mums, one of my favorites for a fall garden. Garden mums (or hardy mums, as they are also known) come in […]

Gardening During a Drought Period


A drought can be a gardener’s worst nightmare! Hot and humid conditions are slowly becoming a norm in Southern Ontario and are affecting the way we garden and our surrounding landscape. The experts at Tillsonburg Garden Gate have compiled a few tips and tricks that can help you during a drought season. Watering Smart The […]

Container Gardening: Bigger IS Better


Gardening is no longer the pastime of those that have large yards or acres of land.  Almost anything can be grown in a container.  Container gardening is perfect for gardeners who have small space constraints or for those who want to add a pop of colour to existing garden spaces.  I, myself, have a large […]



Promotions on annual pots, whole flats, hanging baskets, roses and more… $25 for 10 -4inch annual pot $14.95 for a whole flat which contains 12 of the four cell packs  ($1.35) 10’ hanging baskets – $18.95 for one, or 2 for $35 12’ mixed hanging baskets –one for  $24.95, or 2 for $45 Roses $15.95 […]

Fairy Gardens & More


Tillsonburg Garden Gate’s is proud to have an entire showroom dedicated to Fairy Gardens… Fairy gardens can be tailored made to the customer’s request. Usually it takes 2-3 business days to have the order completed. Personalized pot arrangements can be made to the customer’s specifications.  Just give us your wish list, by filling out a […]

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