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Win the Ultimate Backyard Getaway!

ultimate-backyard-landing-pageTillsonburg Garden Gate is pleased to be working with Easy 101 for the Ultimate Backyard Giveaway.

Start by clicking the picture on the left to fill out a ballot on the Easy 101 website.  Then tune in to Easy 101 to listen for the bird song each weekday and keep your phone close.  Because here’s the catch– Easy 101 could be calling YOU to qualify for the Ultimate Backyard Giveaway!  Three times each weekday they’ll call one listener from the online ballots.  When you hear that bird song you’ll know it’s time!


10% off for Horticultural Members

25% for Landscapers

Churches and religious groups also get 10% off


Promotions on annual pots, whole flats, hanging baskets, roses and more…

$25 for 10 -4inch annual pot

$14.95 for a whole flat which contains 12 of the four cell packs  ($1.35)

10’ hanging baskets – $18.95 for one, or 2 for $35

12’ mixed hanging baskets –one for  $24.95, or 2 for $45

Roses $15.95 each, or 2 for $30

Top soil – $2.49 per bag, or 5 bags for $12

On-Going Special Prices

Any 4’ pot is 2.95

4 cell pack is a $1.35

Any 6 cell pack $1.95

Perennials if not priced, are 9.95 (gallon pot)

Learn about our rewards program: Vicinity

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 8:00am – 8:00pm

Saturday 8:00am – 6:00pm

Sunday 9:00am - 5:00pm

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